Actually before heading into the topic, I just want to share you that the word Yoga never refers to a physical exercise either a therapy or treatment nor an art.. then what it means……… or why one should prefer it, as  International Yoga Day, or Yoga Day, which is celebrated on June 21 and was declared so by United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on December 11, 2014.

Then what is yoga? It is a formula, yes it is a scientific formula. Not believing me?…. I’ll make it clear today,

Have you ever given a try for own business, tension is untold is’nt it  or  got scoldings by your boss whole day.. again it is a hard time right!.. or some depression you are occupied of makes your head pain severe….. Now I want you to look at this, why a head ache should come which is a physical phenomenon where a depression or tension is just a mental state Not only this, you intake some chemical combo(medicine) and your pain just vanishes. This clearly reveals, that your mental state is connected with your body…

And now yoga is just this.. it is a method or proceedure of handling physical body inorder to produce some chemistry from inbuilt organic glands within us and make our mind into a state of bliss irrespective of outer circumstances. It is not that we become irresponsible after yoga, i mean we will achieve clarity at every circumstances of our life without losing the control of mind.

Orgin of yoga is India, to be more particular its from Himalayas.. where long long ago SHIVA lived. who is the founder for all Yogas, Bharatha naatiyam, Kalaripayattu( popularly known as kungfu) and many more things.He is a big topic to describe right here now, so now coming to….


  •           Ofcourse, it helps as a remedy for many physical illhealth issues such as Breathing trouble(Asthma), headache, back pain, some even say it cures diabetis. The only thing is you should practice it regularly.
  •          If it is properly learned and correctly practiced, then it would make you a man/woman of success,
  •          It even make impact on your brain which has been proven now, that it connects the bridge of left part brain and right part of brain
  •          Above all it brings peace of mind.

I quit here saying that it has more and more benefits alone.. BEFORE THAT I WANT TO SHARE ONE IMPORTANT THING THERE ARE MORE AND MORE FRAUDALANTS SPAM AND MISLEADING YOGA INSTITUTIONS across the world only few reveal the original essence of traditional yoga.. for me there is only one institute which can provide the precise technique of yoga and organaisation is ISHA YOGA.



KALARIPAYATTU:(Traditional self defense of India)

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BHARATHANAATIYAM:(Traditional dance of India)

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